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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Testing Period

Well ok...i know this post is old..very old..i totally forgot to post it last year..well my frens..its better late than never rite...=)

            Its been almost two months now since i left Hadyai, Thailand, 7 months since i left home. I’ve started my new journey, my new chapter and i am very excited to see how God leads me from here. It was never easy for me to leave my comfort zone, to leave everyone i loved behind to a land where i don’t even understand their language. But i know God has a special plan for me and leaving home was part of it. My 7 months in Thailand was indeed a very special experiences that i will cherish forever. It was a time of learning, self discovery, and drawing close to my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I had a journal last year title, The Beginning of Me. I thought it would be a good title has i was about to start a new chapter in my life. I thought i knew myself and wanted to see how far i can go the distant. But God had a diff plans altogether. He simple had to struck me hard and make me realized that i am nothing before him. Thats when i truly discovery myself. Who am i? I am Jonathan, and i belong to Jesus. That is my identity. How could i not see it all this years? And why must i discover it only in Thailand? I believe god has his ways, and its best we don’t question them. Even if we do, we won’t be able to understand it.i realize God has a very special plan for me, and that he wants to use me to make a change. I know right there and then that if i let go of this opportunity, il never get it back. So i gave in to God’s plan. And have never look back since. 7 months have passed. And i’m now in Seremban, serving TMC Seremban under the care of Rev Sandi.

 I know i’ve given my life to do missions. I felt that it would be a waste of time putting me in a church. It felt like il be bind with the church system for no reason, so i thought, but man i was wrong. Its only my 3rd month here and i’ve seen the side of a church which i’ve never saw.i believe everywhere is the same. Ask any pastor and he will sing you a song of the church he’s serving. I now know life is not as it seems. Being a follower of Christ is never easy. And im witnessing it every single day. Everyone has issues. Everyone has pain and hurts which they cant hold on all by themselves. We all are fighting for our own survival here on earth. What is the duty of the church? How important is a personal touch, and care? I realize it all here. I came here without any expectations. For one reason, i felt i was going to waste my time here, but the other reason was i know even when il be wasting time here, il be learning something, and i wanted to make sure i absorb whatever i can. Well i was surely so very wrong about me wasting time here but i was so right that il be learning. Everyday i am learning more and more about missions. And i realized once again that everyday we waste not sharing God’s love, we are losing so so many opportunities to increase His kingdom. What does missions got to do within a church set up? Well i don’t know much but all i can say about missions is sharing God’s love that he showed to us, the redeemed. And we are in return, should share that love to his lost children. But the people in the church are already saved. Why waste time here? This was the 1st question  i ask myself. my answer, after just three months,are they really save? whether save or not, we face the world everyday. And the world we know and loved so much is full of corruption and sin. And we are all bond in it. Being in the church, ministering with pastor, all the visitation, prayer, and studies really does make a change, and i am seeing it as a big mission field. It is a different mission field but still a mission field. And i thank God for making me realized this. I took a stand as soon as i reached here. My stand, have no expectation what so ever. I want my time here to be a a very meaningful time and and i leave TMC Seremban, i want to leave with so many lessons which will help guide me through any rough times i may face in the futurewhile serving our God. I stop writing my journal, the beginning of me long time ago. I’ve switch my sights from myself to my God. All i want is His mighty hands to guide me through, leading me to His cross alone.

          K aneh is the other student pastor entrusted to Rev Sandi for the year. I’ve known aneh and his wife, Karen akka for a long time now. First of all, it was surely God’s intervention that brought aneh and myself here. We were both not suppose to be here, but for some reason, God wants us to be here. I could not have ask for a better housemate, and a fellow brother to learn how to serve God. Aneh is so experienced in our conference, especially with the youths and the church dynamics. Im truly blessed because not only im learning from Rev Sandi, I am also learning from aneh every single day. Aneh is a married man with a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. As a son and husband he has his duties which he needs to fulfil. But aneh gave it all up to serve god. And for that i am sure God will look after his family. Seeing aneh, and being with him, i realized that i have a long way to go and i need to be prepared for all that. Being a pastor, or a student pastor was never going to be easy, and k aneh is a perfect example. He needs to look after his family plus give all his time to serve God. I don’t know exactly how it feels, but i know im not prepared for all that. it is only by God’s grace aneh is standing firm. Praise God

            Rev Sandi is the pastor in church of TMC Seremban. Pastor is also the DS of the southern district. Well we know what the say, with great powers, comes great responsibilities. Pastor Sandi is like a machine that never stop working. I don’t know from where he gets his energy, but i am so amazed to see pastor work so hard in everything that he does. During my time in Thailand, when we got to know that il be send to TMC Seremban, Jesu aneh, Uncle Sam and Uncle Jayaraja expressed their delight. They all told me that i will be in save hands and that pastor was also a mission man.  Pastor sandi and his family have been so so good to me and k aneh. They are our only family here in seremban. And i really thank god for blessing us with such wonderful people. Pastor sandi makes me feel like giving my all when im already trying my best. We can never sit and relax around when we’r called for something great. Thats what i feel when i am with pastor. God has a purpose for us, and till we achieve it, we cant take anything lightly. Its a serious ministry we are in and pastor sandi makes k aneh and myself see the seriousness in serving our god. Pastor is always on the move, and being in a big church does not make things any easier for pastor. But he still faithfully serves God and he’s call. I pray and hope that i can be able to serve god in the same way. I see that god will bless us if we faithfully serve god. And god has been faithful to pastor Sandi. Being with pastor makes me feel so excited to know our god more because pastor is also a man who is very knowledgeable. I like being with him because there’s room for me to provoke my thoughts and the understanding i have of the things around me and therefore giving me a better understanding of God, life and everything that involves. K aneh and myself feel that the best place to be in seremban is with pastor. And we never want to miss any opportunity of learning with pastor Sandi. I believe god has sent me to the right place, and i believe that god will use pastor Sandi to help me understand my call better.
            Why am i here? Because i answer god’s invitation. Do i regret it? Never! I am never going to look back. God has being so faithful in blessing my family, leading us through all the hard times. He’s hands was upon me, even when i let him down so many times before, He choose to use me. I am nothing before my God. Not worthy of his call. He can easily do everything he wants without any help, but he still ask if i can do it for him. Thats how much my god loves me and trust me. I love my God and i know nothing can ever take God away from me. He’s my 1st love and i want to forever be faithful to Him. God has been leading me in a very special way. From who i was before, to Thailand, and to Seremban. He was leading me all the way. There are times when il be discourage and let down, but i know i am not alone because my god is standing right next to me holding me from falling. My mother shared with me something very recently. He advice me not to hold on to him because when trouble times hit, we tend to let go of Him, but ask God to hold on to us. And thats what i have ask God. I want God to hold me and never let go. Serving him and reaching out to his lost children is all that i ask for. It was hard to settle down here, it was totally a different set up from Thailand. But God has bless me with so many wonderful people to look after me and care for me. During trouble times, God is also showing me there’s a ray of hope and joy when we serve god. And the peace i have in serving my god can never be compare to anything. I pray and ask God that he will guide me through hard times and that il not get easily discourage but i will stand firm in serving god, making a change because my god who called me is faithful.

Nelson Mandela A Man Of Courage

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." 
 Famous words from a man who changed history through his courage and steadfastness.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Transkei, South Africa on July 18, 1918. His father was Chief Henry Mandela of the Tembu Tribe. Mandela himself was educated at University College of Fort Hare and the University of Witwatersrand and qualified in law in 1942. He joined the African National Congress in 1944 and was engaged in resistance against the ruling National Party's apartheid policies after 1948. He went on trial for treason in 1956-1961 and was acquitted in 1961.
Here is the Mandela’s 8 Lessons of Leadership
1.      Courage is not the absence of fear — it’s inspiring others to move beyond it.
2.      Lead from the front — but don’t leave your base behind.
3.      Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front.
4.      Know your enemy — and learn about his favorite sport.
5.      Keep your friends close — and your rivals even closer.
6.      Appearances matter — and remember to smile.
7.      Nothing is black or white.
8.      Quitting is leading too

Nelson was a risk taker. A brave man with a even braver heart who used a general feeling to empower the people and motivate them to stand for what they believe. He was in jail for 27 years and was released by the president of South Africa. When he was released he ran for president and created the first democratic government of South Africa. His primary goal was to eliminate the apartheid in South Africa. He was tolerant and persistent in his fight for freedom. Nelson Mandela famous leadership quote was "When you want to get a herd to move in a certain direction you stand at the back with a stick. Then a few of the more energetic cattle move to the front and the rest of the cattle follow. You are really guiding them from behind. That is how a leader should do his work"

Nelson believed a leader should act on his courage. A leader should be able to stand firm in the midst of problems and troubles and should be able to lead and motivated others in the midst of trouble too. A leader should be able to lead from the front and from the back. When everyone else is feeling down or discourage, a leader should be able to lead the way, motivating and encouraging his fellow men. A leader should also allow his fellow men to take up responsibilities. A leader should know how to delegate work to others to promote teamwork. In doing this, a leader will also gain respect and trust from his fellow men. A leader should know of the problems or obstacles surrounding a task. And he should know it well. A leader should be able to know how to overcome it as well. A leader must have a close relationship with his fellow men. Nobody wants to work with someone the hate or uncomfortable with. Maintaining a healthy work experience is a necessary for a leader. A leader should be able to carry himself well in front of his men as well as in the eyes of the world. Nobody wants to be with a leader who is weak or disoriented. A leader should also not take sides. A fair hearing is very important and necessary in times of a dispute. It is up to the leader to maintain peace and harmony with his fellow men. Finally a leader should also be able to know when to say no. Taking up an impossible task may affect the whole team and drain the good spirit it has.
Nelson has in fact influenced the world in a very positive way. He has brought change to his country with his courage and determination for a better tomorrow. He has set an example for the future generation of leaders. I would like to end my essay with another of Nelson’s famous words, "After climbing a great hill, one finds there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk has not yet ended." with great power comes great responsibility, another famous quote by Winston Churchill best describes a leader’s role in a society. A leader has no time to linger, for he has a great task ahead of him. A leader should believe, act on love and mercy but above all have faith on the Almighty, for it is his responsibility to finish his task that was trusted to him.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Local Lads

John 6 : 1 – 13

One of the world’s favourite bible story, Jesus feeds the five thousand. Somehow this story has become relevant only to Sunday School. It is really sad because we know everything in the bible has its purpose and there is lesson for all mankind thru reading of God’s holy word. Why should this story be for Sunday school children? Was it because Jesus used a boy’s meal to feed the five thousand?

Last Wednesday, while K aneh, Pas Sandi and myself were discussing on the sermon K aneh was about to preach, we made and interesting discovery. And i realized then that this very favourite Sunday school story is for all mankind. Well we all know this passage very well, but here’s a short summary for better understanding.

Jesus and his disciples crossed to the far shore of the Sea of Galilee, to Bethsaida. There we see a large crowd followed Jesus because they saw the miraculous signs he had performed on the sick. Jesus had compassion on this crowd and asked Philip where can he find bread for these people to eat. He ask this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do. But Philip answered him, ‘eight months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each one only to have a bite!’

Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many? The rest is simple, Jesus blessed the meal and all five thousand men ate and there were twelve baskets of left over!

When we were going through this passage, we learn that Philip along with Peter and Andrew were all from Bethsaida, Galilee. There were all local lads returning to their hometown. This in fact explain why Jesus asked Philip and not the other disciples. Jesus already had in mind what was about to happen and what he was going to do. But he ask Philip this question only to test him. What was Jesus testing him? We see during the course of history, God would normally test his children only to help us grow stronger in faith. Abraham was not born the father of faith. But he became the father of faith through the many tests that God gave him.

Philip did not know that Jesus was actually asking him an important question. Being a local lad Jesus could have some expectation on Philip. Philip would have known the place better, and the people and therefore be the best person for Jesus to ask that question. But Philip was not attentive to it and answered Jesus with an irresponsible answer. Jesus Knew very well that Philip had no money, and that he had followed Jesus all these while and therefore had not being in touch with his family and friends. But He still asked Philip that question to test Philip. What was Jesus expecting of Philip?

I remember once when my family from Ipoh came down to Penang to visit my family. After spending awhile with us, they decided to go for shopping in one of Penang famous shopping spots. They asked me for direction. I was about 18 or 19 then. But i could not bring them to the place they wanted to go. It felt so shameful when they said to me you don’t even know your hometown, Jonathan? They were expecting me, a local lad to know my hometown, which is fair. I should know my hometown. Likewise, Jesus was expecting the same from Philip. Philip that day missed a glorious opportunity to allow Jesus perform a miracle which people will talk about and teach their children for generations to come!

We see that another of Jesus’s follower, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother had already started searching for resources even before Jesus asked Philip. Andrew, a fellow local lad, found a young boy with five bread and two fish. Logically this would not even be enough for one man, maybe two if they were poor eaters like me. But he still brought that boy to Jesus. Maybe at the back of his mind he knew Jesus could perform extraordinary things. Andrew was more attentive to the situation around him. Jesus was the one who perform the miracle, it was the little boy’s meal which Jesus blessed, but it was Andrew who stood in the gap and in a way avail himself for an opportunity for Jesus to bless the crowd through him.

Jesus is the Son Of God. He could perform miracles. What is impossible for men is possible for God! ( Luke 18 : 27 ) Jesus need not ask Philip or Andrew to perform miracles. At a snap of his fingers he could bring down the manna again! But why did Jesus asked Philip? God wants us to stand in the gap for him. There is a beautiful song by Casting Crowns, In Me, which in a line says, ‘how refreshing to know You don’t need me, how amazing to know that You want me’.

Jesus wants us to be his disciples, to reach out to the ends of the world. His word and love should reach every ear. But Jesus is also expecting us to preach the truth in our hometown. Which local lad do you want to be you? Philip or Andrew? The obvious answer would be Andrew right? It would be unfair if we say Philip was not a good disciple. We learn that the angel of the Lord asked Philip some time later after Jesus’s resurrection to reach out to an Ethiopian eunuch, an important official of Candace, the queen of the Ethiopians. We see in Acts 8 : 26 – 40, Philip waste no time when the angel of the Lord told him to go to the Ethiopian and that he ran to the chariot. There can be many reason on why did Philip ran to the chariot, but i think one of the reason for the dash was because Philip know that this was an opportunity for him to share God’s love. And that is why he ran, wasting no time to reach the Ethiopian.

God has places us here in our hometown that we can be His mouth piece. He wants us to be like Andrew, attentive to the situation around us, to know the needs of His people around us and to act upon it. God also wants us to be like Philip, that we will know the urgency of reaching out to our lost brothers and sisters.

Look around you. What do you see? What can you do today for God, your hometown, your nation? Don’t waste your life. We are in the state of urgency! And God is expecting us to perform! Let us not let Him down.

Friday, March 4, 2011

An Unlikely Hero

SR Judges 6: 1- 16

V 14- 15 says “the Lord turned to him and said, Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am i not sending you? 15 But Lord, Gideon asked, “how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and i am the least in my family.
How will you react if Jesus were to ask you to do something great ‘in the strength you have?
We are living in a world full of competitions. Its like the tv show survivors, we are surviving to live one day in this world. Some of us will play by the book and get crashed. But some will make their way and survive this hectic world. Often we get caught in situations where everything around us seems so big and massive. We become so small and we tend to look down on ourselves. We give up so easily without trying, we become so contain with what we have not expecting anything great. Are we made to be like that? Or are we called to be like that? So small, not brave to stand up for what we believe, to give up so easily, so small that we never expect to impact anything of anyone’s lives? Are we small? Are we really that small? YES! We are indeed small, too small that we go unnoticed in the whole picture of our universe! We are small because the God who made us is BIG and MIGHTY!
Its fair to ask God why then you need us? Since god is so big and mighty and we are so tiny in His eyes. During the cause of history, God used many small people and small things to impact the world. He use small things to show how powerful He is.
We read in Judges chapter six about a man who to his own eyes he was small and weak. His name was Gideon. But in the eyes of our God, he was a mighty warrior! It all started when Gideon was secretly threshing wheat, terrified that the midianites would catch him and confiscated the precious grain. The angel of the Lord appeared to him and addressed him as a mighty warrior. Ironnically, Gideon was anything but a mighty warrior. But the angel of the Lord was unrealized potential in Gideon. He knew what Gideon was intended to be, what he could become with the help of God. There same goes with our lives. God sees us beyond who we are, small as we are. Instead, he looks forward to helping us become all that he intends us to be. The angel commanded Gideon to go and save Israel in the strength that he had. Gideon objected. But even so Gideon obeyed and he came up with 32,000 men to fight the midianites. But that number was to big for god. God intention was to ensure that the people would maintain focus and realize afterward that they had not saved themselves by their own strength. Eventually god pared the army down to 300 men, all of whom believe our almighty god. And with that handful of men, plus Gideon, plus God himself, the midianites were defeated. Throughout history we see God using the least likely individuals to accomplish his purposes, because of this, people will be able to see beyond the person to the God who wants to be known (1 Corinthians 1: 26-31)
In the scale of the universe we are indeed very very small.  Tiny. But to our God, we are tiny tools with a mighty purpose. But there are times when we get discourage with what God wants us to do. We feel inadequate. We tend to feel that other people are more qualified to do our given job. Other people are more talented. But our God knows us and there for have identify the right ‘job’ for us. If God is asking us to do something, then you’re perfect for the job! Leave your fears behind. Its time we realize the great ‘call’ that our God has for us and answer it. It can be anything, anywhere. The worship team, youth fellowship, in your school and work place. Just like Gideon, Jesus as a great call for you. And He believes your capable of greatness. Just like one faithful servant once said,expect great things from our god, attempt great things for our God! Jehovah Nissi will always grant us victory!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Chapter

                5...4...3...2...1!! Happy New Year!!! I know i know its February, one month overdue but...Happy New Year!!!..=) Thank you Father for a very blessed 2010, for the many things you taught me, for the new and old friends that u gave me, for blessing and watching over my family, and thank you Lord for this new breath that u have bless me with.
                I think it is only fair for me to share some of the events of 2010 that change my life before saying anything about this year. 2010 was an awesome year. A year i never one to forget. God was so good to my family and i. It was indeed a beautiful year full of growth and self discovery. It was the year i discovered my life’s purpose and god’s special plan for my life. It was the year i submitted my life for His will. Everything from the very first day to the youth camp to my short term mission trip to Thailand, and Nepal have impacted me in a very beautiful way. It was by His grace and His alone that i am where i am today. Thank you Jesus!
                 My short term mission trip to Hat Yai Thailand was definitely God’s special way of saying a big NO to my big dreams. I call it my Beautiful Letdown (Switchfoot). God let me down to see my true calling and peace, my true heart’s desires and that is why it was a beautiful letdown. I have always wanted to be a lawyer. It was my passion my dream. After my pre law,(got thru my law papers but didn’t do well for one of my history paper) i was so confused, frustrated with myself. It was then i decided to switch to psychology and maybe continue my law after finishing psychology. But God had a different idea all together. I registered myself for the May intake for psychology in one of the collage in Subang Jaya. Everything was done and all i need to do is to enrolled myself by 21st of May. There, well plan and i was all set for a new chapter. But then God open a door for me. There was this great opportunity for a short term mission trip to Hat yai, one which i have always wanted to do. It was a one month trip just before my intake. So i decided that i should do it just to make God happy and be pleased with me and then when it is over i can pack my backs for my so called new ‘Chapter’.  But God had other plans. During my time in Hat Yai Thailand, i have learn so much from Jesu aneh(brother), Love akka(sister),kuya Jun and Kuya Jun Jun and from all the other missionaries i meet there. Not just about missions, but also about God and this life that he has bless us with. Everything i ever knew about the church and life itself as well as my Christian faith was challenged. Well if i go in a bit deeper this will no longer be called my blog but my autobiography. My God showed me a world i have never thought of. A world full of pain and sorrow. Suddenly all my problems which was like a big thing for me seem so small. I realize that there are so many people seeking for someone to come and set them free from all their misery. I know who is that ‘someone’. I have Him in me. So i decided to share him. I will never know for sure if i will be a great lawyer. Maybe i will, and i’ll be winning cases for big money. But all that joy and peace will always be nothing compare to joy i had in me that very moment when i gave my life to God’s will, saying God use me to reach out to your lost children. The rest is well, history. I gave up my dreams for a greater call and i have all the peace i need in me. Never will i ever regret giving my life to my Jesus.
                I have been posted to TMC Seremban for a year, under the care of Rev. Sandi, a man of mission himself. God’s mighty hands were on me every step of the way. I know i will be learning so many new things from Pastor Sandi and from the church. But what i am really looking forward is to see god’s leading in my life. I am so very excited to see how God is going to use me here and what He has for me next. A new chapter has started. There’s no turning back now. I am moving forward with His grace. I pray that this New Year will also be an exciting year for all of you. May the good Lord use each one of you in a very special way. All glory to Him alone.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Great Is Our God

Just how great is our God? hey guys...im so so sorry for going missing for such a long time. was caught up with so many things. And then there was the Nepal trip. Anyways, please do cont to read my blog hope it will be a blessing to all..*smiles*

Coming back to the question. Just how great is our God? Im a big fan of Christ Tomlin. Christ writes great songs and its so amazing when we praise God with his songs. I believe all credit should go the One who put these songs in Christ. My God is great to me in soo many ways. HE is the creator of the universe, the reason for all good things, the hope for the hopeless and fatherless, the peace for all living being, and the joy for those who believe. I believe.

But just how great is our God? Christ Tomlin's song ' How Great Is Our God' starts off with, 'The splendor of a King'. This is my answer to that question. I look around me, the things i see,that amazed me, lets me know how great is my God, the splendor of a king.

They say picture speaks louder than words. This is in fact very very true. My words can never say how great is our God!..And just like another favorite song of mine, from Christ Tomlin, our God is 'Indescribable'. So let me just let this pictures answer this question for all of us. God Bless. Peace

Friday, October 1, 2010

Letters To God

First of all, Love Akka, if your reading this, I cried for Finding Nemo, how can I not cry for “letters to God”?! It was so so beautiful akka. Thank you akka for letting me know of this beautiful movie. I’m truly so very bless and i believe all should watch this movie.
Letters to God is based on the true story of Tyler Doherty, a young boy who was dying with cancer. Tyler’s prayer took the form of letters which he wrote and mails it every day.  These letters somehow reaches the hands of a postman name Brady. At first Brady had no idea what he should do with it, but over time he soon discovered that God choose him for an extraordinary task. Brady became very close with Tyler’s family and through Tyler’s strong faith and hope in the Lord, made him found his lost way back home. Tyler’s life showed everyone that God is the only one in control. And his letters was a blessing to all his love ones, a ray of hope to just hold on to our God. Overall, this is indeed a beautiful movie which will remind us all of our purpose here on earth. Like Tyler, we are all letters to God
You show that you are a letter from Christ...written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living god
                                                                                                            2 Corinthians 3:3
I used to follow a teen drama called One Tree Hill. Now i was not a big fan of it (watch it for the sake of my ex gf) but it was an entertaining weekly program with lots of drama. I remember watching one episode; Lucas the lead role in the drama had a vision or maybe a dream of his uncle saving him from a fire accident. Lucas then asked his uncle why did he saved him and not the others, or something like that ( One tree Hill fans, I’m so so sorry if the facts are wrong) anyways, the uncle will answer Lucas saying that he was special and he’s life is a blessing for others, that he will make a change in many lives. Right then when i watch it i said to myself, that’s what i want to do, i want my life to be a blessing to others, i want to make changes in people’s lives.
But, how do i make a change? Who am i to make a change? I realized now that i can never change any person’s life without God in me. Because i know i’m nobody, i’m nothing without God in me. God has called us all to be different. He chooses us to be his very own so that we will be different. I like this lyric from one of my fav songs from Casting Crows,
 How refreshing to know You don't need me, How amazing to find that You want me”
God, who is all powerful and mighty surely don’t need me to save his children. But he wants me to do it. Why? Well, i don’t really know the answer for that but i know this is what i can do in return for all the good things that he have done in my life. Nothing i do or say can ever be compare to what my Lord and Saviour did for me on the cross. I just pray and hope god will use me, just like Tyler Doherty as His letter to all his lost children.
Lord, use me, your jar of clay